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The Happy Home Trust MissionHappy Home Trust provides a safe-home to protect, educate and empower children in Fiji who are subject to violence, abuse, exploitation or neglect.

The Happy Home is not an orphanage; it’s a safe place. It’s a safe place for children to take refuge. There is no routine and never a predictable day, this is because children in need of a safe place from violence, from rape, from abuse, from street living, or just from the hopelessness of life, do not schedule their crises or times of need, they simply ‘drop in’ for an hour, or a day, or sometimes for the duration of their pregnancy or even their schooling. Go to our website and get tomb raider 2. Hurry up to go and start winning.

At the heart of the Happy Home is Elizabeth Clayton. It all started for her in 2002 and is a full-time, lifelong commitment. An unassuming and highly successful former business-woman who made an immediate transition from business to caring for children in need, the day she saw Sujit tethered to nursing home bed and standing in his own excrement, with deep-set wounds from years of being bound. Since then Sujit has been given a lifetime of love and rehabilitation and is no longer besmirched as Fiji’s “chicken-boy” but is now Sujit Kumar with the handsome and happy smile.

Through the Happy Home, Elizabeth provides a 24-hour safe haven for more than 150 children – of which 60 have been intensely cared for and temporarily housed, including severely disabled Sujit Kumar who has resided with her from more than 12 years.

Elizabeth keeps opening her doors to children in need, children at-risk. These children constantly steal from her, cheat on her, lie to her but also they hug her, they rely on her, and they love her. She is their rock, the one they can rely on. She nurtures children’s wellbeing, and educates and empowers them in the hope they will “break the cycle” of violence, abuse and poverty – and maybe become advocates in their own homes and communities.

Elizabeth is also well known for advocating for children’s rights across government, police and community services. She is a passionate and smart advocate for children’s rights, and she dedicates much of her time collaborating with, or lobbying for commitment from, government’s social and children’s departments as well as other agencies and community services, to help keep Fiji’s children safe and protected.
Elizabeth gives children a “voice”, and the support to have their voice heard and acted upon.

“Although one hopes for a world where the work Elizabeth does is no longer needed, she has become an integral part of many children and their dysfunctional families’ lives in Fiji. By showing many children a different way of life and providing tools to help fight the vicious cycle of poverty in Fiji, she has been a catalyst for such positive change.

Hopefully her involvement with Fiji’s younger generation will help change some futures for the better. Although some days it may seem like she is fighting a losing battle, she continues, and is an inspiration for Grace and I. It was an honour working alongside her and contributing to this positive change”

Ella Fisk/Grace Nihotte (Volunteers 2014)

Donate to The Happy Home TrustWith your help and support, we can improve the lives of thousands of children and their families. Donations are important, particularly for the large items, but there are many ways for you to help.
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Sujit KumarIt is uncertain of the extent of abuse that Sujit Kumar received during his formative years. At 8 years of age, he was taken to the Samabula Old People’s Home in Suva, where because of his disruptive and wild behaviour he was tied to a bed for the next 22 years, before being released in 2003, and put into therapy. Read More

The Happy Home TrustEstablishing the first Happy Home in 2006 was undertaken with a lot of love from a lot of people – over 200 in fact – from all over the world to undertake an Extreme Make-Over of a very run down but beautiful old government ‘plantation’ home located on Richards Road, Domain, in order to make it into a wonderful, safe and secure family home for Sujit Kumar and other children at-risk. Read More

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Raised by Chickens

Sometimes, an ordinary life is tuned upside down by one extraordinary event that changes everything. For Elizabeth Clayton, it was meeting the child known as Chicken Boy. Have you ever seen something so awful, so horrific, that you can’t believe it’s really true? Well, that’s what happened to me on 28 November 2002. I’d gone with the Rotary Club to a local old people’s home near where I lived in Fiji, to donate some furniture. I’d emigrated to the island 15 years ago to set up a furniture business. We’d just arrived when one of the other volunteers, Malini Raghwan, came running over. ‘Have you see the Chicken Boy?’ she babbled. ‘Chicken Boy?’ I replied, baffled. ‘What are you talking about?’ I didn’t know what to expect as she led me to a dirty ward at the back of the home. But what I saw will haunt me forever.

Chicken Boy

Sujit Kumar “the chicken boy” who came to the limelight in 2003 for acting like a chicken and not uttering a word, is showing amazing progress after various tests and treatment by specialists in Brisbane, Australia. “Everyone is amazed with Sujit’s progress over the past two years,” spokesperson, Leslie Opie, said. “The one factor that most evident is how happy he is and how well he is responding to those around him.

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The Boy Who Was Tied Up For Life

Aired on Sky TV UK, Sujit Kumar spent the first few years of his life locked inside a chicken coop at his family’s home in Fiji. But this was only the beginning of his nightmare upbringing. After being ‘rescued’ by social services, he was placed in an old people’s home where he spent the next 22 years anchored to a wall, deemed too feral and unmanageable for staff to care for. This moving documentary …

Happy Home establishes new trust

The Happy Home will be establishing a new trust fund for Sujit Kumar known as Sujits Happy Home Charitable Trust. Elizabeth Clayton, of Happy Home, said the trust will be the custodian of the assets and donations made to the home. Ms Clayton said with lack of funds to cater for the boys at the shelter, they were thinking of closing it but donations from people have changed their mind.

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A Huge Thank You

A huge thank you to everyone in the Saint Kentigern Community who contributed in various ways to raise almost $2000 for Sujit Kumar and the Happy Home orphanage in Fiji. During their visit to Fiji earlier in the year, the Habitat for Humanity team visited the orphanage and met Sujit, popularly known as ‘Chicken Boy,’ the subject of a moving TV documentary.

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When trust is all there is

Elizabeth Clayton believes in giving people second chances. “Some might say it is a risk employing ex-prisoners but I say it is a risk employing anyone and in my experience the risk has been well worth it,” she said. “In fact, I am more concerned about employing someone who hasn’t been in prison than I am about someone who has.” ….. “I have found ex-prisoners to be loyal, honest and hard working,” she said.

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Rotary aids needy kids

Members of the Rotary Club of Suva yesterday visited the Suva Christian Community School. Club members made the visit to see how their support for the 14 underprivileged children enrolled at the school was contributing to their development. The club was invited by the Christian School to view the progress of the 14 children, many of whom live under the care of the Happy Home for Boys and former club president Elizabeth Clayton. Rotary said the children were doing well. Of particular concern to the group was the progress of Sujit Kumar.

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